Virtual Team Building & Online Leadership Coaching

Virtual teams, remote work and home office are the new reality for an increasing number of organizations and industries. Our virtual team building and online leadership training supports you and your team to develop efficient remote teams online.


Developing trust, efficiency & social connection online

Virtual team building and online coaching address the specific challenges and needs of distributed teams and virtual setups: How can you create a psychologically safe space to foster trust and efficiency virtually? How can leaders learn to truly trust and support their teams? How do we keep on track as a team focusing efforts towards the same goals? How do you build high performing teams when leading remotely? How do you develop more self-confidence & leadership skills?

How we support your leadership and team development online

We tailor each team coaching and online leadership training to match your specific needs and aspirations. To develop your teams sustainably, our virtual team building and online coaching typically combines three work streams: team coaching, leadership training and online executive coaching for individual leaders. We design the appropriate leadership program for you in 3 steps:

Step 1 Evaluate

We first check your situation, challenges, aspirations and analyse your current leadership and team realities

Step 2 Design

Based on the evaluation, we design what we consider the optimal online leadership program for you and your team

Step 3 Coach & Train

The online coaching/leadership program kicks off

People 1st & Digital 1st.
Our Online Coaching & Virtual Team Building

To develop your remote teams and leaders, our facilitators and executive coaches provide a learning experience fully adapted to virtual environments. To make the learnings stick, our virtual team building and online leadership trainings use experiential learning methodologies that involve head, heart & gut:

Virtual Team Building & Coaching


Typically for remote leadership teams, executive management teams, project teams, boards


Develop virtual teams from their current reality to sustainable trust, alignment & sustainable high performance

Frequency & Duration


Online Leadership Training


Workshop series for Leaders, People Managers, High potentials


Developing remote leadership & team development skills, e.g. building trust in remote setups, efficient online communication, objective-oriented teamwork, tech tools & methodologies

Frequency & Duration

Weekly or fortnightly, 5/6 x 180 min sessions

Online Executive Coaching


Coaching for top managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, key profiles, high potentials


Increase self-confidence, self-knowledge, and self-awareness; develop leadership competencies for virtual teams;

Frequency & Duration

60-90 min sessions, every 2-4 weeks over a period of 5 months

Online Communication Training


Communication training series for Leaders, People Managers, High potentials


Online public speaking training and speech coaching, adapted to the characteristics of online environments & audiences

Frequency & Duration

Weekly or fortnightly, 4 x 180 min sessions

Online Partnership Coaching


Coaching for e.g. 2 co-founders, business partners, shareholders, key partners


Develop high performing teams; Build/improve team dynamics; Change Management; Resolve conflicts

Frequency & Duration

90-120 min sessions, every 2-4 weeks