Team Coaching for Executive Leadership Teams

Team coaching helps newly formed teams, struggling teams and well-performing teams to become highly effective, maximizing their performance and enjoyment to achieve meaningful organizational goals. Our team coaches analyze each leadership team, identify root causes for performance gaps, design a coaching journey, and accompany the teams toward high performance.


Trust, psychological safety, & team culture are keys of high performing teams

High-performing teams don't happen by accident. A group of excellent professionals turns into a high-performance team as the result of

  • building genuine trust
  • creating a psychologically courageous safe space
  • embracing diversity and belonging
  • sharing common purpose and vision
  • engaging with productive conflicts that lead to clear mutual commitments
  • developing genuine healthy interpersonal relationships

How we develop your leadership teams toward high performance

We tailor each leadership team coaching and team building to adapt its content to the specific needs and objectives. Our 3 steps approach will help your team develop sustainably.

Step 1 Evaluate

We evaluate the team's reality and identify root issues that need to be addressed to achieve your desired goals. We base our team assessment on online measurements, interviews, and team shadowings.

Step 2 Design

We design the appropriate team development journey to address the key topics. Leadership team development often combines team coaching with some individual executive coaching.

Step 3 Intervene

The coaching kicks off. A typical team development program combines a series of 1-3 days workshops throughout the year with shorter interventions between sessions to help the team integrate agreed-on changes into its day-to-day dynamics.

Our team coaching & team building programs

Shine team coaches offer these tailored team coaching experiences to bring your leadership and executive team performance to the next level.

Team Coaching


Develop high performing teams; Build/improve team dynamics; Resolve conflicts; Align on shared goals & vision


Leadership teams that want to become high-performing by exploring their full potential, being highly effective, and have greater enjoyment, e.g. executive leadership teams, boards, management teams, key teams


Newly formed; Growth potential; Low trust; No psychological safety; Conflicts; Misalignments; Major changes; Transitions; Low performance

Team Building


For teams that want to increase cohesion, strengthen interpersonal relationships and improve team dynamics; Improve team dynamics through specific skills; Create cohesive teams


C-Level teams, Executive teams, Management Teams, Key performers


Specific gap towards high performing team is identified

360º Team Assessment


Evaluate current leadership team culture; Measure team performance & health; Identify growth areas


Teams & CxOs: C-Level, Founders, Top management & executive teams


Desire to align & improve leadership culture at top level and throughout the organization

Team Culture & Company Culture


Clarify and set leadership & company culture; Align on shared leadership model


Executive Leadership Teams, Extended leadership teams, C-level suite


Different leadership styles; Company scaling up; Hypergrowth

Business Mediation


Unlock stuck partnerships and challenging collaborations to regain trust, resolve conflicts, make difficult decisions and achieve alignment


Founding partners, Co-CEOs, conflictive CxOs or key people


Low trust; Stuck negotiations; Conflictive relationships; Opposing positions