Leadership coaching with eye-opening take-aways

Leadership coaching for executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and management teams is the core of what we do at Shine. Supporting you and your business by developing your people is our way of contributing to the world we aspire to live in. At Shine, we put people 1st, and this is the reason why we stand up every morning.


Shine Coaching

Head. Heart. Guts.

Our leadership coaching goes beyond our client’s intellectual capacities. We include the emotional and systemmic intelligence to tap into the person's & team's full leadership potential. This is why our coaches are trained in multiple disciplines: a lot of our work builds on the Co-Active model®, David Rock's brain-based NeuroLeadership model, Organization Relationship System Coaching ORSC, the 360º leadership assessment The Leadership Circle and the WingWave method, plus an endless series of leadership tools.

Mission and Values

We lead leaders & teams to authenticity for an efficient, human and sustainable business world.

Passion for people

People are our passion. We love helping our clients grow sustainably

Cross-cultural diversity

We are Cross Cultural Natives. We admire cultural and social differences and aspire to integrate positive aspects of each perspective

On the side of life

We are positive, optimistic, and appreciate the value of both good and bad things, achievements and errors

Craving curiosity

We look at the world with the eyes of a child. We learn, play, enjoy, without prejudice

Thirst for knowledge

We absorb wisdom and knowledge to grow towards the better version of ourselves

We have

  • Hands-on experience leading and developing teams
  • Corporate careers in executive team and strategic committees
  • Cross-industry experience, i.e. internet, media, start-ups, academia
  • Diversity and cross-cultural savviness

We offer

  • Personal leadership coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Leadership development programs
  • Public speaking training
  • Company Culture, Mission, Vision & Strategy Consulting
  • Coaching in English, Spanish, German, French & Catalan

We guarantee

  • 100% personalized coaching experience
  • Sustainable change that sticks
  • Secure environment for unfiltered conversations
  • New self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Confidentiality


These are our coaches who will make you and your team shine:

Rabieh Adib Executive Leadership & Team Coach

I'm Rabieh Adib, founder of Shine. Born in Germany, son of a Belgian mother and a Lebanese father, married to a Spaniard with three Catalan siblings, I consider myself first and foremost a human being.

Before starting Shine I dedicated 11 years of my professional career to Softonic, 7 years as member of the Global Executive Team. I co-created, contributed and learned during the company's growth from a small start-up to at the time one of the biggest European Internet businesses, with 440 people on 4 continents.

I went on driven by my desire to fully dedicate myself to my #1 passion: helping people, teams, and organizations unlock their full potential - for a fulfilled professional and personal life.

Sara Rodríguez Team & Leadership Coach & Organizational psychologist

I’m an organizational psychologist, certified coach, trainer, and consultant. My curiosity for exploring new realities led me to live and work in three countries and travel the world connecting with cultures and learning languages.

As senior executive coach, I spent the past 10 years supporting teams and individuals to navigate across cultures, careers, and meaningfully steer their development. I use an EASC accredited systemic approach and an ICF accredited coaching model based on neuroscience. Another passion of mine is developing the full potential of my students at the university.

I always find extra time to practice sport with enthusiasm and dedication towards holistic movement. I’m excited about developing individuals, teams, and organizations by challenging the status quo and promoting change and growth.

Jimena Romero Executive & Team Coach

For the past 12 years I have specialised in the areas of leadership development, organisational change, team effectiveness and individual executive coaching.

My passion: facilitating the evolution of organisations and individuals to become more purpose driven, relational heart oriented, resourceful and effective to respond to the complexity of our world with responsibility.

I have developed my corporate career for 14 years as a manager in several national and multinational companies leading teams and projects in marketing and business development.

Sok-ho Trinh Executive Coach & Mentor

I am an international-minded Life-/Leadership coach and mentor with global senior corporate and startup background. Born in France from Chinese parents, I speak 8 languages and have lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and North America. Today I live in the UK.

I spent 15 years working with leading multinationals in the Big Data, Analytics, Consumer Goods and Retail space and launched an Internet start up and run my coaching practice where I help people/organisations unlock their Passions and Leadership.

I hold a PhD, BSc, an MSc, a top tier MBA, and pursue further research in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I am a Co-Active (CPCC, ACC) and organisation/systemic coach (ORSC, GROW).

Patricia Soler Executive Coach & Trainer

My passion is to unlock a person’s potential to maximize his/her own performance. The best reward is my client’s success.

With a background in Marketing and Communication, I look back on an extensive experience in training and coaching on leadership, change management, career development, communication, emotional Intelligence, time management, and day-to-day performance management.

Sonia Ruano Executive Coach & Therapist

I'm an executive coach, team coach, mediator and therapist. I love inspiring transformation in people and teams, mobilising and empowering them to achieve their goals.

I've developed most of my professional career in international marketing teams in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2013, I faced a serious illness, and this personal growth experience has nurtured my desire to work closely with people. I accompany individuals in change and decision making processes, creating a courageous and deep space to help them discover the path to their best version.

I also facilitates workshops focused on self-awareness and accompany teams towards high-performance and organisations towards humanising companies. Courage and a strong intuition are two key strengths I contribute to people's development.

Angie Porcel Executive Coach & Trainer

I am an executive coach, trainer, consultant and educator. I dedicate my energy to developing the awareness and self-knowledge of leaders, with the intention of strengthening their positive impact on their environment.

I have been working in people development for 20 years, in multinational and fast-growing environments. I am passionate about people transformation and personal development through transformational solutions.

I am from Cadiz, have lived in England and Germany and since several years settled with my family in Barcelona.

Mahdi Hamidi Breath guide

As breath-work instructor across multiple disciplines, I am guiding and facilitating individuals and groups on how to tap into the wisdom of the breath.

Holding a background in engineering gives me the edge of revealing how proper breathing enhances the efficiency, sustainability and energy-saving characteristics of the body and mind.

I'm passionate about seeing how people change through a deeper connection with their own breath. How they alter their look at work and life, and take more conscious choices. My mission is to promote the whole spectrum of ‘Human Being’ instead of just ‘Human Doing’.