Leadership Challenges Series: Typical difficulties you will face as a leader, and how to overcome them


Leadership challenges are part of the career of every leader. Like in ones personal life, CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs face personal challenges, growth challenges and even situations that threaten the future of their companies and projects. It simply is part of the leadership and business reality. Even though every leader has particular strengths and faces particular situations, from our experience working with top managers, there is a series of typical leadership challenges you most likely will face at some stage of your career. In this shine* leadership series we will address some of these more common leadership challenges, and give you practical advice and tools to address them.

Self-knowledge and self-awareness are the key to authentic leadership

Before you dive into all our hints, tools, and recommendations that can help you overcome leadership challenges, bear one thing in mind: above anything else, being a great leader requires a considerable dose of self-knowledge and self-awareness. Knowing yourself makes a fundamental difference in leadership styles, and in the impact you generate in others.

Typical leadership challenges and how to master them

This is the list of typical leadership challenges we are going to deal with in this series:
  • Facing lack of self-confidence
  • How to say no & be assertive
  • Balancing priorities (it’s not about time management, it’s about priorities management)
  • Facing/Navigating through conflict
  • Taking decisions being uncertain
  • Failing, committing errors, and owning your failures
  • Showing weakness
  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Not being liked
  • Managing the unacceptable
  • Achieving alignment and engagement
  • Procrastination / Postponing tasks
We will include the links to each topic as soon as the corresponding post is published.

What leadership challenge do you need help for?

If you are interested in receiving advice about any specific leadership challenge, just drop us a comment below. We will try and attend your inquiry in the upcoming posts.