Leadership videos: Must-see TED Talks & inspirational leadership videos every leader should watch


Authentic leaders never stop growing. It’s more than that: learning, acquiring competences and gaining knowledge are like oxygen for the personal and professional growth of leaders. This is why we share our selection of must-see leadership videos to nurture your leadership development. Their speakers share plenty of inspirational leadership insights, everyday leadership knowledge and best practices to lead yourself, lead your teams and lead your business.

Leadership videos about leading oneself

Leading others requires leading oneself first. This is why a lot of the best leadership videos address personal leadership topics: being vulnerable, developing and nurturing self-confidence, accepting failure or developing positive attitudes. Most of the inspirational leadership videos have been recorded on stage of one of the TED Talks.

Brené Brown: “The Power of Vulnerability” and “Listening to Shame” (2 must-see leadership videos)

In her TED Talks, researcher and bestselling author Brené Brown explores the depth of vulnerability and shame. Both concepts are key to achieve leadership with authenticity. Brown has been researching the challenges and potential of accepting and showing vulnerabilities for close to 2 decades.

Shirzad Chamine: “Know your Inner Saboteurs”

Everyone of us has these inner critics who ask for more, better, and always! From his experience working with C-level executives of Forbes 500 companies, coach Shirzad Chamine explains the impact of these “saboteurs”, and how to manage them to your advantage.

Mike Cannon-Brookes: “How you can Use Impostor Syndrome to your Benefit”

Have you ever felt out of your depth, like a fraud, petrified that anytime someone was going to call you on it? These thoughts have a name: the Impostor Syndrome. In his talk – one of the funny leadership videos from our list – the founder of Atlassian Mike Cannon-Brookes shares how the syndrome undermines self-confidence. He also shares how to actually make use of the inner critic for the better.

Inspirational leadership videos to build great teams

Leading people and teams in a human, efficient and sustainable way demands leadership competences that go beyond what you learn at business school. The following inspirational leadership videos deal with foundations of successful, efficient and well-working teams.

Simon Sinek: “Why Good Leaders Make you Feel Safe”

Leadership expert and bestseller author Simon Sinek stresses the importance of psychologically safe spaces as a foundation for efficient teamwork.

Amy Edmondson: “How to Turn a Group of Strangers into a Team”

Focused on finding the magic keys that convert a group of people into an extraordinary team, the Harvard leadership professor Amy Edmondson puts people and team dynamics under the microscope. The founder of the principle of psychological safety shares 3 keys to unite strong individuals into a real team.

Francis Frei: “How to Build and Rebuild Trust”

Trust is the basis of everything. 3 factors are critical to build and maintain trust. The Harvard Leadership professor explains how to nurture trust as foundation of good teams, functional relationships and trustworthy organizations.

Shawn Achor: “The Happy Secret to Better Work”

In any given moment we can decide how to perceive our reality. And depending on our choice and attitude, we are more or less likely to overcome challenges and be successful. In this funny leadership video of Shawn Achor’s accelerated, very pointed talk “The Happiness Advantage”, Shawn Achor shares his insights of +15 years research on the impact of positive attitudes on oneself, and on the motivation of teams and organizations.

William Ury: “The Walk from ‘No’ to ‘Yes'”

Conflicts and opposing points of views are everyday bread and butter in teams and businesses. How to navigate conflicts productively to achieve sustainable win-win-agreements and alignment is a critical leadership skill. In his TED Talk, the veteran mediator and founder of Harvard’s negotiation program explains how to get from “no” to “yes”.

Leadership videos to inspire businesses & organisations

Leading organizations and businesses with purpose and create value through engaged people and well-oiled processes is the result of so many things. The following selection of great leadership videos sheds light on key pillars of successful, engaging company cultures.

Simon Sinek: “How Great Leaders Inspire” (a classic among inspirational leadership videos)

Simon Sinek’s first TED Talk is probably one of the best leadership videos of all time. Sinek suggests that every person, every project and every organization should start by looking for the answer to the question “Why?”. Knowing and being able to name your personal, your team’s and your company’s purpose is a must to get to the best version of oneself and inspire teams, organizations and communities.

Roselinde Torres: “What it Takes to Be a Great Leader”

Three questions mark the difference between normal and outstanding leadership. According to Roselinde Torres leaders with huge impact (1) know where they are looking to anticipate the next change to their business model or life, (2) have a high diversity measure of their personal and professional stakeholder network, and (3) are courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made them successful in the past. In this inspirational leadership video, Torres shares her expertise build during more than 25 years working close to outstanding executives of our world’s biggest companies.

Shine: “What is People First and How to Lead Putting People at the Heart of your Organization”

Last, not least: putting people first is a huge differentiator in order to achieve lasting sustainable healthy businesses. Leaders from diverse industries and company cultures share their recommendations how to lead with a “people first” leadership mindset.

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