Business coaching for C-Levels, Executives, Teams and Companies

People are the reason why Shine exists. We believe that focusing on your people and teams is a key to creating sustainably productive, creative, innovative and happy companies. Our business coaches grow people and teams to evolve businesses.


Our approach: bespoke people & team development that sticks

Focused on the needs of each client, our business coaching offers a personalised leadership development. We first measure the current realities & challenges of each leader, team and business, and focus the coaching on the identified pain points and key gains.

We think of ourselves as companions on our clients' leadership development journey.

Develop a leadership with positive impact

Overcome challenges and conflicts

Prepare transitions and new responsibilities

Clarify long term strategy and take challenging decisions

Business coaching focused on self-knowledge & new leadership skills

Self-knowledge and self-awareness are key to make the impact of our business coaching and team coaching stick over time. This is why our leadership development programs focus on these pillars first, before growing new leadership competencies.

We create a space of trust and audacity

An environment to speak out the things that need to be said

A space to gain awareness and develop competencies

A room to convert insights into action

Our business coaching programs

Our Shine business coaches offer one-to-one executive coaching for key profiles of your company, bespoke team coaching to bring team performance to the next level, and personalized leadership development trainings for executives and managers.

Team Coaching


Develop high performing teams; Build/improve team dynamics; Manage changes & transitions; Resolve conflicts


Leadership teams that are a group of professional individuals rather than a real team, e.g. executive leadership teams, boards, management teams, key teams


Lack of trust; Conflicts; Misalignment; Big changes; Transitions; Low performance

1:1 Business Coaching


Increase self-knowledge and self-awareness; Develop leadership competencies; Grow high impact skills


C-Level, Founders, Top management, Business owners, Key perfomers


Wish to improve as a leader; Grow your leadership & self-leadership; Overcome challenges & acquire missing leadership competencies; Desire for fulfilled work and life; Professional growth and development

360º Leadership assessment & Team assessment


Evaluate current leadership culture; Measure team performance & health; Identify growth areas


Teams & Individuals: C-Level, Founders, Top management, Business owners, Key players


Desire to align leadership througout the organization; Need for next leadership level; Understand current realities

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Leadership Training for Managers


Upskill leadership competencies or align leadership culture across the organization


C-Level, Founders, Top management, People managers


Different leadership styles; Company scaling up; Switch from individual contributor to manager

Public Speaking Coaching


Develop impactful public speaking skills; Develop authentic inspirational presence; Build stunning messages and content


Founders, Leaders, Managers, Keynote speakers


Lacking impact as a leader; Improve performance in the spotlight; Growing communication skills; Improve impact in virtual environments